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Pricing Information and Payment Options

QII London Collection of hand painted sinks are priced individually, depending on the size and style of sink and complexity of the painted design. Please refer to our on-line catalog price list for the latest prices. All prices are subject to change without notice and prices in our online catalog supersede all previously advertised prices. Receipt of your order is acceptance of these pricing standards. Please contact us for further information, or you may contact a QII dealer showroom located in major cities across the US.

The Diana Monroy Signature Collection features beautiful classic and contemporary designs created by our Artistic Director, Diana Monroy, on blank (white) pieces from the top fine china manufacturers such as Limoges, Kaiser, Victoria, Bavaria, Lindner, Pirkenhammer, Mikasa, Noritake, Royal Daulton and others. They include porcelain tables, lamps, vases, urns, tea sets, dinnerware, commemorative items and other objects d'art. Prices for these pieces range widely. Please contact us for specific projects.

Custom Tiles and Murals -- Please contact us by phone, or fax or email, with your details of quantity and design style, so that we may best assist you.

Design assistance by phone, fax or email is provided gratis. We offer our assurance that each piece will be unique work of art. "A thing of beauty is a joy forever".

Shipping -- We ship all our goods with UPS.  Shipping and packaging expenses will be added to your order at cost.


  1. CHECK - If you prefer to pay by check directly to us, please send a check for 50% of the product price as a deposit to confirm your order and begin production. The balance including shipping charges will be due upon receipt of the product (i.e., COD). Please note: we can only start production of your order after we have received your deposit check. We will fax you the final invoice on the day we ship your order.
  2. DISCOUNTED PRE-PAYMENT BY CHECK - If you prefer to prepay your order in full by check, we can offer you a 3% cash discount. We will immediately start production of your order, once we have received your check. We will fax you the final invoice and receipt on the day we ship your order.
  3. CREDIT CARD - If you prefer to pay by credit card, please fax us the following information: Name of credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), credit card number, expiration date, name of the cardholder as written on card, billing address and phone number. We will not debit your credit card until one day after UPS has picked up your shipment. We will fax you the final invoice and receipt on the same day.
  4. COD - You simply pay UPS the stated amount by check when the goods are delivered to you.   We will fax you the final invoice on the day we ship your order.

How to Order - click here.

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