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Diana Monroy Hand Painted Porcelain
Signature Collection

The Diana Monroy Signature Collection features a series of distinguished chinaware products and home décor that have been exclusively designed and created by QII's award winning painter and Art Director, Diana Monroy (for more information on Diana, click here).   Featured items range from classic designs to modern day concepts.

Tiles and Murals Home Décor
Tea and Coffee Sets Limoges Jewelry Boxes

Tiles and Murals:  

Orchids & Frog (detail)

Flowers of Spring

Orchids & Frog (full view)

Autumn Wild Rose
Home Décor:  

Victoria Blue Clock

Leonore Vase

French Coffee Table
Tea and Coffee Sets:  

Rose Teapot

22-Flowers Mug

Plumeria Coffee Set

Tulip Coffee Set

Limoges Jewelry Boxes:  


Limoges Lady Blue

Limoges Roses

Limoges Heart

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