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Hand Painted SinksDIANA MONROY

Award-Winning Porcelain Painter and
QII London Artistic Director

Diana Monroy was born and educated in South America. She has lived in Southern California since 1991. Starting at the age of 5, she would sit and paint with her mother in their painting room surrounded by palettes of china paints, German brushes, oil media, and the most exquisite white porcelain would eventually be hand decorated and fired in their kilns. Growing up for her meant learning an array of painting techniques, mastering brush strokes and pen work on a daily basis. By age 12, she had already participated in competitions, and by age 17, having won several awards, she made porcelain painting and teaching her way of living. In the ensuing 20+ years she has continued to develop her artistic skills and insights through international workshops, seminars and exhibitions that have won her national recognition as one of the world's master porcelain painters.

Dresden Rose SinkMs. Monroy possesses a profoundly extensive knowledge of porcelain art that is more commonly found in the traditional European centers of porcelain painting rather than in the U.S. This is evidenced by her depth of knowledge of the traditions and techniques of porcelain painting used in 18 th /19 th century China and Europe (specifically, Meissen from Germany, Chelsea from England, and Sevres from France).

Diana Monroy knows these methods and has the ability to reproduce many authentic styles. Yet every piece will also be unique and include something of her own ambience. Diana has used traditional motifs to develop her own fresh vibrant style resulting in a unique blend of traditional and contemporary form and design. She is among the rare few who have the extensive knowledge and natural talent of the master porcelain painters. Her exceptional talent as a painter has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards.

All of Ms. Monroy's sinks and other products are individually hand-painted and kiln-fired in her studio. She devotes the same quality of craftsmanship and care to all projects, large or small. By signing each of her works, you are guaranteed a piece of art with lifetime of satisfaction.

Diana and her husband Georg are the owners of QII London.

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