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QII London Collection

The QII London Collection offers over forty porcelain sink styles for the master bathroom, powder room and guest room of distinction. Matching bath accessories, faucetry, tiles and pedestals complement. QII London products may be viewed at leading kitchen and bathroom designer showrooms across the country.  

Our hand painted motifs may be adapted to any of the forty sinks in the QII Washbasin Collection. These include oval and round shaped sink models available for under-counter, over-counter/drop-in or above-counter installation in sizes from petite to large, as well as corner and pedestal sinks. Each sink is manufactured and glazed to order here in the United States. A range of solid glaze colors, underside glazing and special finishes are also available, allowing for an extensive selection of designer options. Your design may also be painted on to a Kohler, St. Thomas or other manufacturers' sink. QII washbasins, faucetry, accessories and tiles are painted in all QII stock designs or they may be custom painted to match wallpaper, fabric or other furnishings.   For commercial projects, we prefer to use sinks from our QII Washbasin Collection, glazed in either white or biscuit. However, we remain open to consider all options you may wish to propose. We welcome your inquiries.

The QII London Collection has two divisions:

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