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Hand Painted Sinks

QII London presents the finest craftsmanship in the art of porcelain hand painting. Each piece is uniquely designed and custom painted from our Southern California art studio under the direction of QII's award-winning porcelain painter Diana Monroy.

The QII London Collection comprises over forty sinks in classic and contemporary styles for the master bathroom and powder room of distinction, along with a choice of matching bath accessories, faucetry, tiles and pedestals. Our products are displayed in leading kitchen and bath design showrooms across the country.

The Diana Monroy Signature Collection features the design and creation of fine chinaware and home décor. We are pleased to accept commissions from interior designers and homeowners for the finest in custom hand painted object d'art.

Each QII product is individually hand painted using painting and firing skills gleaned from Diana Monroy's twenty two years' experience in porcelain painting techniques from the world's great cultural traditions. Through the application of mineral colors and 24 carat gold embellishment (as suitable), each piece is painted by hand with loving care and attention to every detail. QII products are authentic works of art, uniquely inspiring, and unsurpassed in the bath products industry. We welcome your inquiries and ideas. Whether you are a homeowner, bathroom designer or interior decorator we will be pleased to work with you to fulfill your special requirements.

For more information and to order:

Toll Free Phone: 877-827-6928
Fax: 949-249-0202

Email: diana@qtwolondon.com

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